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Our flours are stone ground, organic, non-GMO (some are heritage grains as well), no toxic chemicals, non-bleached, non-bromated.  Since there are no preservatives, storing in the freezer preserves freshness.



Turkey Red Heritage Wheat – Many people with gluten-intolerance find Turkey Red more digestable (see blog posts). It has exceptional baking properties.  It comes in 3 varieties:
Whole grain – has all of the grain intact
Bolted – has most of the bran removed but the rest of the grain is intact.  Used when a lighter wheat product is desired.
Refined – a very fine white flour that is not bleached or bromated.  A good all-purpose flour.

Other Flour

Pizza Flour – a specially designed delicate blend of a hybrid hard spring wheat and soft winter wheat similar to Italian-style 00 flour but not bleached or bromated.  Used by professional pizza-makers.

Pizza Dough Balls, frozen – 12 oz dough balls flash frozen from Sunrise Flour Mill pizza flour. Available at some farmers markets and for delivery in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

Oat – a whole grain product milled from organic oat groats.  Used in many raw food recipes. It’s a low-gluten flour which can be used in pastries or combined with other flours for a nutty flavor.

Rye – a whole grain product which comes either in a fine grind or a coarse (pumpernickel) grind.

Soft White Winter Wheat – a whole grain flour with a lower gluten content.  Used for non-yeast baking.

Golden White Pastry – Soft White Winter Wheat with most of the bran removed. Used for lighter non-yeast products.

Cornmeal – fine or coarse. Makes excellent polenta, cornbread, etc.


Wheat berries and rye berries, as well as oat groats, are available.

Other grains may be available by request.

 Breakfast Products

Flaked Oatmeal – milled to order for a delicious, nutty breakfast cereal.

Flaked Oats N Rye – a 50-50 combination of two grains with distinct flavors that blend for an amazing taste.  Rye contains nutrients not found in oats.

5 Grain Pancake and Waffle Mix – a blend of whole wheat, buckwheat, barley, oat, and soy flours.