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Bloody Butcher Cornmeal

Interesting name, right? The name comes from the red color of this corn which, to some, looks like the blood spots on a butcher’s apron.

This is not an easy variety of organic heirloom, open-pollinated, dent corn to grow, it’s rather tall and easily knocked over in a storm. Years ago this corn was grown primarily in Virginia. Recently a farmer from NW Iowa informed us that he had a supply of this corn and we are happy to now offer it to our customers.

This corn is known for its unique buttery flavor. Use it as you would any cornmeal. It makes great grits, cornmeal, cornbread,and polenta. There is something special about the cornbread made from this coarsely-ground meal. It has a unique gritty texture and there is an earthier, more complex taste than other ground cornmeal. It is also used as an addition to wheat bread.  Use  the whole grain meal soften and hydrate in boiling water before folding it into a naturally leavened wheat dough base to make Polenta Bread.

Heirloom varieties such as this contain as much as 50% more protein value than their hybrid cousins, and present a broader range of minerals, and in the case of the purple corn varieties, a high level of anti-oxidants.

We are pleased to present it in both fine and coarse grinds.




Sourdough Scallion Pancakes

Use excess starter to make scallion pancakes. Chop a handful of fresh green onions or shallots.* Take out about 1/2 C starter.  Thin if necessary so it’s like a thick pancake batter. Heat a cast iron skillet or griddle adding a small amount of oil (coconut is best). When the oil starts to smoke, pourContinue Reading

Basic Heritage Pasta

Homemade pasta is easy and so delicious.  It can be a healthy food and one that is full of protein when using heritage wheat. Basic Heritage Pasta 1 C Sunrise Flour Mill Turkey Red White Flour or Fed Fife Sifted Flour 1 egg, beaten ½ tsp salt 2 Tbsp water Directions In a medium bowlContinue Reading


 Ingredients: 2 lbs Sunrise Turkey Red Refined Flour 8 ounces whole milk sour cream (by weight), plus extra for topping finished pirogi. 2 eggs + enough cool water to equal 12 ounces total (by weight) 1 Tbsp salt Large onion, chopped 1/4-1/2 stick butter, melted  Preparation: To the flour, add the egg and water mixture,Continue Reading

Sprouting Wheat Berries

Place 3 T-1/4 C wheat berries in a wide-mouth jar and fill half-way with tepid water. Place double-thickness cheese cloth over mouth of jar and secure with rubber band. Place jar on its side in a dark or low light area, never in direct sunlight. Rinse and drain twice a day with tepid water.  BerriesContinue Reading