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White Sonora Heritage Pastry Flour

We have a new heritage flour, White Sonora.  This is whole grain SOFT WHITE WHEAT FLOUR with bran that is so white that it looks like white flour. It is lower in protein, much like traditional pastry, flour but with outstanding flavor. It is used frequently in the South West for flour tortillas. It originally found it’s way to the southwestern part of the US in the mid-1700’s when Spaniards brought it to make communion wafers, thus it’s nickname “holy wheat”.

It is wonderful pastry flour for making quick breads and other baked goods that use baking powder instead of yeast.  As pastry flour, whole wheat White Sonora makes great muffins, scones, biscuits, cakes, pie crusts, cookies, flat breads, and pasta.

It is a flavorful addition when making bread but it needs to be mixed 50/50 with higher protein flour. It works well with Turkey Red white flour at about a 50-50% ratio, and with Turkey Red sifted at a ratio of 40% White Sonora and 60% TR Sifted.



Sourdough Baking Classes

Classes are held at our home about 40 miles north of either downtown, or we can go on the road if you are outside the Twin Cities. The goal of this class is to give people the information and confidence they need to start baking with sourdough starter. To reserve your class contact: Individuals orContinue Reading

Perfect Artisan Bread

Makes 1-2 loaves, ciabatta, baguettes, dinner rolls Poolish – First day 500 gr Sunrise Heritage White Flour or Red Fife Heritage Sifted Flour 1 tsp dry active yeast 360 gr water, non-chlorinated Add water and mix until a wet dough has formed. It will be sticky but showing signs of forming a wet bread dough. Refrigerate overnightContinue Reading

Bread From Heritage Sourdough Starter

This recipe makes one kilo (2.2 lbs) of bread dough. 1st day – make a levain preferment 25-35 gr starter 100 gr Heritage White or Sifted flour 75-100 gr non-chlorinated water,  70-85 F Mix thoroughly by hand so that all the flour and water are combined with the starter. Leave on kitchen counter over nightContinue Reading

Basic Bread and Pizza Dough Recipe Using Yeast

From this initial recipe you can add whole wheat, rye, etc, as you become proficient 1000 gr Red Fife or Turkey Red Sifted (Bolted) or Turkey Red White Flour 1 tsp dry active yeast (buy yeast where it is fresh).  It will last up to a year if kept refrigerated 1 Tbsp sea salt 620Continue Reading